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Our Philosophy

Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre aims to deliver high quality medical and allied health care for everyone in the community. Our focus is on health promotion and preventative medicine as well as acute and chronic disease care. Our team of doctors and practitioners offer a broad range of complementary skills and the health centre adopts a similar “holistic” approach to our patients.

All doctors in the practice are vocationally registered GPs, which means they are actively continuing their medical education by attending lectures and workshops, and reading medical journals. Our registrar doctors are all working towards their Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Our allied health practitioners are all trained professionals and active members of recognised alternative therapy associations.

Education and training

The medical centre has a long history as a teaching practice, providing guidance and supervision to registrars in the final stages of their GP training and visiting medical students. We have created a dedicated learning centre with a library of medical resources and regular training and information sessions for doctors and students alike.

We also encourage an atmosphere of shared learning between the medical centre staff and our allied health professionals, giving both experienced doctors and students the opportunity to discover how complementary practices can be integrated into a patient’s overall treatment plan. We believe that our practice is able to provide a higher quality of health care for our patients through our ongoing commitment to medical education and our holistic approach to patient health.

The Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre is also home to the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences, a registered training organisation that delivers Certificate IV courses in Kahuna Bodywork, along with specific training modules such as First Aid and infection control.


Originally founded as the Mullumbimby Medical Centre in 1987 by Dr. Norbert Weber and his wife Ki’a’i, Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre had holistic principles at the heart of its general practice right from the very start.
It was founded on the site of Mullumbimby’s very first medical practice, which was run by Dr. Alderman. He established a purpose built surgery on land where an old cattle yard had been in the late 1940’s, practicing downstairs and living upstairs.
The Weber family purchased and fully renovated Dr. Alderman’s building and founded the Mullumbimby Medical Centre, moving to the current premises in 1992. They have since added the old original chemist’s residence next door to the building via an enclosed walkway. This is home to QML pathology and the Mullumbimby Skin Clinic. The addition of the new allied health centre at the front of the original surgery now completes the picture.

We also take pride with providing you holistic and comprehensive care

Educating the next generation of GPs

The medical centre has a long history as a teaching practice, providing guidance and supervision to registrars in the final stages of their GP training and visiting medical students.

We are an accredited teaching practice for 15+ years, regularly taking University of Sydney, Bond University, Griffith University, University of Western Sydney and year long University of Wollongong students. Medical students spend weeks at a time in our practice, working side-by-side with our doctors, learning about family medicine. University of Wollongong students attend the practice for two days a week for one year as part of their studies.

You will be asked in advance for your consent to allow a medical student to be present during your consultation. This is entirely optional and where appropriate, your consent will help us to educate our doctors of the future.

We believe that our practice is able to provide a higher quality of medical care for our patients through our ongoing commitment to medical education.

Medical students and registrars often return back to the area they did their placements in to practice medicine.

A comprehensive approach to health

Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre is committed to patient wellbeing and disease prevention. Having a full range of health services available has ensured that patients can access their choice of health care easily and readily – whether that be general medicine or allied health therapies.

As well as a team of eight doctors practicing family medicine, the centre also offers travel vaccinations, women’s and men’s health checks, psychology and a Better Health Clinic for patients with a need for chronic disease treatment plans; alongside of a team of allied health practitioners providing acupuncture, osteopathy, Kahuna bodywork, exercise physiology, dietetics, SCENAR and hypnotherapy.

Meridian Holistic Dental

The second floor of our Allied Health Centre is now home to Meridian Holistic Dental. We believe this is a great addition to the services on offer and gives our patients access to the very best health practitioners in the area all under the same roof.

The approach of a holistic dentist is to view the patient as a whole being. This means not just looking at the physical and biological aspects of a person but also taking into account the emotional and spiritual aspects too. All of these things make up a vital functioning person.

Not only this, but the teeth, jaw and health of the mouth have an enormous impact on general health and wellbeing. Dentists at Meridian Holistic Dental will be working closely with the team of GPs, musculo-skeletal specialists and other complimentary health practitioners at Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre, to ensure a truly holistic experience for all our patients.

For more information or to book an appointment please call 02 6626 7999.


If you need a doctor urgently outside of our opening hours please call Byron District Hospital on 6639 9400.

For emergencies call 000 for an ambulance.

Urgent Care Clinic

On the day appointments are available by calling the surgery from 8am onwards until slots are filled. We recommend calling early to secure an appointment.

Opening Hours

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Monday – Friday: 8.30 – 17.00
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