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Volker Rockliff

General Practitioner & Obstetrics

Dr. Volker Rockliff Boehm completed his medical studies in 2014 at the University of Leipzig in Germany, and has worked in various clinical settings in Australia since, choosing a holistic approach to patient care. Passionate about fostering long-term relationships with his patients, Dr. Volker focuses on addressing each individual patient’s evolving needs to achieve health and wellbeing across all age groups.

As a father of four, he holds a special affinity for family medicine. His dedication to this field is reflected in his completion of an Advanced Diploma with the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, where he provides comprehensive care for expectant mothers and their children from pregnancy, to birth and into the postnatal stage. Collaborating closely with midwives from Byron Bay, Lismore, and Tweed hospitals, as well as private home birthing midwives, Dr. Volker ensures a supportive environment for mothers and their newborns. Dr. Volker’s interests extend beyond traditional medicine. He explores the evolving applications of medical cannabis and its use therapeutically. Additionally, as a qualified diving medical officer, he administers both commercial and recreational diving medical exams.

His deep love of nature has led him into expedition and wilderness medicine roles, including serving as a medical officer during offshore sailing trips and festivals. Outside of his medical pursuits, Dr. Volker leads an active lifestyle. He practices the Martial Art Hapkido, and enjoys playing soccer, surfing, and dedicates time to exploring the Australian wilderness with his family. Through his diverse interests and experiences, Dr. Volker Rockliff Boehm embodies a commitment to comprehensive patient care, holistic well-being, and an adventurous spirit that extends beyond the confines of traditional medical practice.