• Educating the next generation of GPs

    The medical centre has a long history as a teaching practice, providing guidance and supervision to registrars in the final stages of their GP training and visiting medical students.

    We are an accredited teaching practice for 15+ years, regularly taking University of Sydney, Bond University, Griffith University, University of Western Sydney and year long University of Wollongong students. Medical students spend weeks at a time in our practice, working side-by-side with our doctors, learning about family medicine. University of Wollongong students attend the practice for two days a week for one year as part of their studies.

    You will be asked in advance for your consent to allow a medical student to be present during your consultation. This is entirely optional and where appropriate, your consent will help us to educate our doctors of the future.

    We believe that our practice is able to provide a higher quality of medical care for our patients through our ongoing commitment to medical education.

    Medical students and registrars often return back to the area they did their placements in to practice medicine.

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